Monday, January 12, 2009

For Everything, There is a Season

Winter in Minnesota has been rough this year. And it's only January. Currently, it's 9 degrees outside and snowing. Supposedly, we’re in for sub-zero temperatures and a blizzard. But no matter how cold it is, there always seems to be a select group of women who choose to ignore the temperature for the sake of “fashion”. I wish to tell all those to whom this applies that you no longer have to suffer. Verily I say unto you: bare skin in temperatures below freezing is not fashionable, it’s crazy. When you don’t dress for the current season, you look ridiculous. Here are a few obvious no-no’s that I’ve observed, just in case there is any doubt about what is currently out of season in cold climates:

Bare legs. Tights and leggings are all the rage. Take advantage of this delightful trend. If you think you don’t like tights, you’re wrong. They’re not what they used to be. I personally like Old Navy tights. They’re inexpensive, yet durable and come in great neutral colors.

Open-toed shoes. With the exception of some peep-toes that are acceptable with tights. Steve directs our church youth choir; I do my part as a soprano. The girls know that if I see them wearing flip-flops in the winter, they will be severely reprimanded by yours-truly, and probably Steve too. (In my opinion, flip-flops should not be worn to church, period.)

Summer fabrics and prints. Linen, for example, is meant to be worn in warm climates only. Tissue Cotton, more often than not, should also be reserved for 32 degrees and above, at the very least. As far as prints go, if you think your item could be worn with white or pastel tights, you’re wrong (because white/pastel tights are wrong). The print is likely out of season.

Please, be pleasant for others to look at in seasonably appropriate attire. Do not allow your appearance to give others the shivers. Instead, send warm fuzzies their way.

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Girly Muse said...

Two thumbs way up. I concur.