Friday, January 23, 2009

Full-Length Mirror

EVERYONE needs a full-length mirror. Everyone. What I see on the streets of St. Paul can only lead me to believe that this is not a fixture in many American homes. The people I encounter in the lobby or the skyway likely sit behind a desk all day, as do I. At some point one must get up to use the facilities, get coffee, go to a meeting, greet a client or vendor, use the copy machine; not to mention lunchtime, when I see these people in their horrid state. Point being: it matters.

The problem often contains itself to the lower portion of the body - hence my belief that people are looking in mirrors designed to view only the upper parts. I don't know what the deal is with high-water pants. I-Don't-Know. Just because your pants fit at the waist does not mean they fit at the ankle. As in, I don't want to SEE your ankle when you're standing. Pants should not drag on the floor either, but be no more than an inch or so from the bottom of your shoe.

My next grievance is that of skirts that are too tight or too short for the office and probably anywhere else. I've seen too many women try to work that pencil skirt they bought in the 80's only to reveal lumps and bumps they might not have had back in the day. And guess what: if you're squeezing into it, the length has been compromised as well.

And last but not least: shoes. My favorite topic. Over our lunch breaks, Steve & I (yup, we work together) walk in the skyway in the winter and stroll the downtown parks in the summer. Many people do the same. I admit, it's way smarter to throw fashion to the wind when exercising. I see many women who will throw on comfy sneakers with their suit for this purpose. Ok, that's fine, I get it. But this must be done tastefully. Your new Nikes will do. As will those babydoll Sketchers. But what's with the ugly, clunky, somewhere in between shoes? The ones with the box-toe and square, 1 1/2" heel in some hideous color. The dog got a hold of them 2 years ago; you bought them for your sister's 1992; you spilled coffee on them and thought the effect was cool somehow.....

I don't get it. Especially at work. Don't you want your superiors and associates to see you as clean, intelegent, hard-working, promotable, interesting, fun? I PROMISE, if you look good, you will feel good. With appoachability and confindence, you will make friends faster, earn respect sooner, and be granted more priviledges.

Ladies, it's time to buy a full-length mirror.

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the girl in the green scarf said...

oh, dear, how much I can agree with that one! I've been living in US for the last (almost) 2 years, and my first impression about american "fashionable" style?! Eww! Personally, I think some clothes(and shoes) should be banned. And you're right. If you look good, you'll feel good.
PS: I just started to read your blog, and it's amazing!!!! Awesome! :)