Thursday, January 8, 2009


Steve and I dated for 3 ½ years before he proposed. It was fine with me. I was 23 and probably would’ve waited another 3 ½ years for him if that’s what it took. It hardly took a year after we started dating for people to begin teasing us about marriage. Steve and I were serious, but more so about our friendship. So serious, in fact, that we didn’t say the words “I love you” for over 2 years into our relationship. If this wasn’t going to be “till death do us part”, neither one of us were interested in emotionally destroying the other. So early on it was pretty awkward when someone asked us about marriage. Eventually, we got used to it and tried to come up with equally rude answers to their initially rude question: "When are you getting married?"

So he proposed in February of 2006. We set the date for May 19 of the same year. (Note to wannabe brides: short engagements are the way to go). Immediately, the baby question: “When are you going to have kids?” What the heck, people!? We JUST got married! We barely know how to make a baby yet, so give us a sec, k!?

Steve and I are very happy married people. We feel very little need to rush into parenthood. And as we approach year #3 of our happy life together, the questions don’t cease. I’ll be 27 this August and Steve will be 35 in September. It’s a good time. When people ask me about babies now, the question seems to linger in the air a little longer before I respond.

I might think that inquisitors would be out of questions after we have a kid. But if my friends with kids have taught me anything, it’s that the question that follows “When are you getting married?” and “When are you having a baby?” is the worst of all:

“When are you having another one?”


cheri said...

lol. and then comes... "so are you done yet or will there be more?"

Girly Muse said...

awwww, what a sweet day that was. still think of your wedding and smile.

and, yes, cheri is exactly right. the questions never end.