Friday, January 9, 2009

Shopping Resolutions

About this time every year, I take serious inventory of my wardrobe. It’s kind of fun, kind of painful, and really necessary. As I take note of the items that I absolutely love, I find that I’ve wasted too much money on other items that I bought because they were convenient or cheap. Therefore, I’d like to make a few shopping resolutions here and now in hopes that this time next year I’ll be more proud of what I see in my closet.

1. Invest in the basics. Don’t settle for less than perfect.
At one point, I had 3 black pencil skirts. None fit well. For the money I spent on them, I could’ve bought 1 fabulous skirt that I would actually want to wear.

2. Support local boutiques.
My community is full of brave little shop owners struggling to survive. Of course I’d rather shop at these places, but the convenience and prices of the big box stores win out. I can get 5 mediocre shirts at Target for the price of one fabulous shirt at a boutique. I’m changing my perspective: I don’t need 5 mediocre shirts. I do want to be fabulous. So the choice is clear.

3. Return Policies are my Friends.
I recently searched high and low for the perfect pair of red pumps. Found them on sale. Ordered them. Too tight. Returned them for the next size up. Too loose. Bought a heel insert. Wore them to work hoping to break them in. I finally had to face the reality: they were so painful, so not worth it. I had already thrown away the box, and the receipt too. $40 down the drain. I vow to not make that mistake again.

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