Tuesday, February 10, 2009

By Myself

I’m crazy, crazy, crazy about my husband. Really. He’s my favorite person in the universe. We do nearly everything together. Sleep together, work together, vacation together, eat together, church together, ride together, play together. We’re always together…so it would seem.

There are a few things we don’t do together. Some of his interests include poker, disc-golf, beer, and television either too stupid or too violent for my taste. I enjoy shopping, reading, wine, and chic-tv.

He left on a business trip on Thursday morning. He comes home today. Here’s what has gone on since he’s been away:

Work 7:30a.- 4:30p.
Visit with out of town family 4:30p.- 6p.
Arbonne Party with girlfriends 6p.-10p.

Work 7:30a.- 5p.
Visit my mom 5p.- 7p.
Party at Youth Pastor’s home 7p.- 2a.

MOA with family 12p.- 7p.
Friend’s Birthday Party 7p. - 12:30a.

Church 9:30a.- 12:30p.
Lunch with family 12:30p – 3:30p.
See “He’s Just Not That Into You” with girlfriends 3:30p.-6p.
Clean house & do laundry 6p.-10p.

Work 7:30a.- 4:30p.
More cleaning & laundry 4:30p.- 6:30p.
Girlfriends come over to watch The Bachelor 6:30p.- 10p.

Work 7:30a.- 4:30p.
Pick Steve up from the airport – 6p.!

You might’ve guessed, I’m a bit tired. But the last few days have been oh-so-fun. I remember when I had a house all to myself. I remember when I had a car all to myself; a bed all to myself; a bathroom all to myself; the tv all to myself. Oh, the freedom!

In spite of all that fun, oh how I miss my darling husband. As much as I love doing things by myself, I hate it too. I miss his kisses and cuddles. I miss holding hands on our drive to work. I miss our walks over lunch-hour. I miss having a warm body in bed with me. I miss taking care of him. I miss feeling protected always.

When it comes right down to it, I would marry Steve 100 times over and never bat an eye over having time by myself. I don't believe marriage is always this sweet, so because it is, I want him here, with me.

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