Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Want...

Shoes. I think about them all the time. I've pledged to myself that I was no longer going to indulge in cheap shoes. Cheap like KMart, Walmart, Payless, Target. Some exceptions may apply to Payless & Target, but you get it. So the alternative is expensive shoes? Well, kind of, yeah...

I'm not talkin' expensive like $700 Manolo Blahnik's. No, no, no. I'm talkin' Nine West, Charles David, BCBG, Steve Madden, Guess, and Kenneth Cole. I don't think I'm asking all that much. The footwear of my desire tends to run from $50-$150 regular retail price. But I don't pay regular retail prices...hardly ever. The most expensive shoes living in my 'saved' box on are Oh Deer! shoes. They're a funky blue bandanna print, 3 3/4 heel, originally priced at $154.95. Endless has them for $69.41. I've been wanting to check out the Oh Deer! brand for quite some time now...but even at a steal of $69.41, my heart stops a little.

Not only have I vowed to stop buying cheap shoes, I have also been trying to replace the cheap shoes I already have with better ones that will look better and hopefully feel better and last longer. Here are a few "investments" that I've made that have made me very happy:

Madden Girl tan mid-calf slouchy boot. Love them. Actually, the Madden Girl brand has been very good to me. And they're usually so inexpensive to begin with, I've even bought a pair at regular price. My boots were actually a purchase from They were originally priced at $59, but I had a coupon for $10 and the website was offering another $10 off a $50 purchase. That deserves a Whoohoo!

Guess oxford platforms. They give me an additional 4 1/2 inches of height, baby! They're ideal for many of my trousers that I don't want to tailor. I won't be doing a lot of walking in these, but they serve their purpose and are comfortable for work. These had a price tag of $115.95, but Endless had them on sale for $63.77. Just my luck, my in-laws standard poodle found my previous pair of brown pumps to be rather tasty, therefore destroying them. They were cheap and in line for replacement anyway. My mother-in-law gave me $20 toward the purchase of a new pair, making my Guess platforms quite affordable.

J. Crew Goulashes. I had a cheap pair of rain boots from KMart that weren't bad. They had a black & white hounds tooth print with a pink buckle and pink lining. I wore them to play disc golf with my husband on a rainy day, and they were caked in mud. I sprayed them off in the bathtub as best I could, but they remained dingy looking. I wanted my next pair to have a more classic, less kiddie look. I found the J.Crew yellow and gray wellies online and on sale for $24.99 (I think the original price was $65). In addition, I spent $150 on my total purchase, giving me an additional 40% off the whole shebang. AND free shipping. Gotta watch for those deals at they're worth it.

I'll be at the Mall of America with out of town family this Saturday. If I can get through the weekend without spending, I can probably order my Oh Deer! shoes next week. Oh, boy!

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