Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have a strange aversion to folding and putting away laundry. I don't mind making piles of dirty laundry and rotating each load from floor (where I make my piles) to washer, to dryer, to the 'clean' pile (on the bed). It's the sorting, folding, storing process I'm not a fan of.

It truly bothers me that I'm so lazy about laundry. I love managing my wardrobe and the various tasks that go along with it. So what's my deal?

Here it is: I have too much flippin' stuff. When it's time to put away my clean clothes, I feel like there is no place to put them worthy of their presence. There is no point to ironing anything before the day it's worn because it's just going to be shoved into a crowded closet with no room to breath creating more wrinkles. Ugh...I'm having anxiety issues just writing about it.

I am no longer a hoarder when it comes to clothing. If I don't like it or it doesn't fit, I don't keep it in my closet. I donate bags and bags every year and have cut down on my consumption drastically. Yet still, my clothes are suffocating.

Somehow, I just need to go to town on my closet. I need to set a limit on what I'm going keep, like it or not. I need to invest in a closet system that makes sense. I need to buy nice hangers that will be gentle on my clothing. I need to be able to SEE what I have, and it be ready-to-wear.

Some blessed day, I will have a closet resembling a small boutique. Until this day comes, I need to work with what I have more efficiently. Here's a brilliant article that might just get me motivated:

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