Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I was supposed to fly home to Minnesota from Dallas last night. Steve and I arrived at our DFW gate a couple hours early after an attempt at shopping with the hubby fell a bit flat. Knowledge of an earlier flight to MSP being cancelled came with a delightful little money-saver for us. We gave up our seats on our awaiting flight in exchange for one this morning, a free night's stay at a nearby hotel, food vouchers, and $300 each in airline credit. And with that, our airfare to Florida for our cruise in September is taken care of - Holla!

Although totally worth it, I didn't sleep much last night: Got up at 3:50am, on the shuttle by 4:15am, in the air around 5:45am, in Minneapolis at 7:50am, and at work sometime before 9:00am. Whew! Steve switched seats with me so I could ride first class for the first time ever! It was lovely.

Good thing I had packed my new purchases in my carry-on bag. Several items just happened to be perfect air-to-work attire. I'm wearing a gray, long-sleeved fitted turtleneck ($7, Macy's) under a navy jersey dress ($20, Macy's) with purple leggings ($7, Macy's) and my flat brown boots.

Unfortunately, my makeup shipped out with our original flight so I had to make do with a little concealer until the cab ride to work...even then, not my best look.

I spent a few glorious hours at the Galleria in Dallas while Steve played Disc Golf. This mall was a bit upscale for me but I found certain chain-store clearance opportunities a-plenty to occupy my time and attention:

Old Navy: 2 light-weight sweaters
Forever 21: Dark denim skinny jeans, gray turtleneck sweater
Payless: black peep-toe booties
Macy's: 2 turtlenecks, jersey dress, leggings, pencil skirt

My cheap Dallas excursion was full to the brim with golf, Six Flags, shopping, food, relaxation, and quality time with my Fave.

Good stuff.

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