Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun Purchases

I was in training all of last week and comfort was the name of the game as far as my attempt at workplace fashion went. Still cute, still appropriate, but ya This week, I'm fully aware of my appearance and challenging myself to take it up a notch.

My husband is traveling for work once again, leaving me to my own devices. Yesterday afternoon my mom and I raided the clearance racks at our local Herbergers. I got 3 turtleneck sweaters in beautiful, saturated colors for just over $4 a piece. I bought a lightweight coat - very European inspired - for $12, a funky black oxford for $6, and a purple knit shirt for $5 (which I'm wearing today). We then shuffled across the street to Walmart where I purchased a beautiful new pashmina for $3.

On my lunch break today I speed-walked to Macy's where I made a new friend in the bra department. I walked away with one to try (didn't have time to try on), and will be reporting back to her if it doesn't work. I'm going to try a 34D minimizer and padded inserts for cold days (or everyday).

I'm very excited about my new purchases but need to hold back as I'll be joining Steve in Texas Thursday through Monday and one of my free days will be spent at the Galleria Mall. Oh boy!

I wish I could take a picture of my outfit today. I feel very sleek and slim. I'll just describe it: new purple shirt from Herbergers, black suit vest from H&M, charcoal gray trousers from Gap, homemade dangly necklace my friend Lori made, dangly pearls in my ears, black oxford-style boots.

I need some blond highlights in a bad way. This long winter has made my hair look and feel muddy, which does not go with my outfit. (Sigh...) Add that to my 'to do' list.

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