Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gettin' It Done

My mommy is a crafty lady. She sews wonderfully, is a picture-framing wizard, an avid garden, and much much more. She knows her way around a toolbox as well as any man. Last spring, while my husband was out of town, she came over to help me do some painting. I made mention of the horrid condition of the privacy fence dividing our patio from the condo parking lot. I don't know how it happened, but all of a sudden, the two of us are smashing the thing to smithereens. No more ugly fence. Let's go buy big planters and put pretty flowers in them! OK! Let's put up bookshelves and a pot rack! OK! She's like that. She gets stuff done.

It's spring once again and Steve will be out of town this weekend. I want to renovate my small walk-in closet. Who am I gonna call? Mom. Hopefully I will have Before & After pictures to share.

It's a TINY walk-in closet yet somehow it holds all of my shirts, pants, skirts, jewelry, hats, socks, panties, and lingerie. My dresses, jackets, shoes and purses are stuffed in another closet (to be dealt with at a later time).

Ultimately, here's the goal:

1. Easily see everything in my closet. Right now, I have a hard time getting to the bin where my hats are stored. Finding a particular scarf or belt can also be challenging. And finding the right slip or camisole...nearly impossible. Oh to be organized!
2. Replace hangers. Long ago I rid every closet of every wire hanger. Now, I will be upgrading to wood. This may have to be a process considering the price of wooden hangers, but I am counting on IKEA to get me off to a good start.

Who knows...maybe I'll find my camera in all that mess.

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