Friday, April 17, 2009

5 Things

Academichic started it. We can always come up with 5 things we don't like about our appearances. How about we focus on what we do like for a change? Cool.

First, let me just say this: It seems like maybe I don't focus on my flaws as much as some other women do. I know my flaws are there. Some of them I can't change (without surgery). And some are not important enough for me to do anything about. Either way, they rarely cross my mind. That is, until other women start talking about all of their flaws. It's a contagious mentality.

I give credit to my mom for this. I don't remember her ever expressing thoughts about her appearance - negative or positive. It's like appearance was a non-issue. Instead, she made a big deal out of being healthy. I hear so many moms putting themselves down for what they look like. Too fat. Too skinny. Hate my thighs. Hate my arms. Lose this. Tone that. It all needs fixing.

What are we saying to young girls? "We're not good enough."

How might they interpret that? "Maybe I'm not good enough."

If you mother, mentor, or befriend young ones, please know that they're listening to you. You have the opportunity to instill confidence and self-esteem, to promote health and well-being. So do that.

You already know the rule: If you can't say something nice, best to not say anything at all. (I constantly struggle with adhering to this).

Alrighty. Excuse me while I get down from my soap box. Here's my list:

1. Legs. From just above my knee down, I love my legs. In heals, I really love them. They're cute and girly. I have thin ankles and shapely (but not muscular) calves.

2. Lips. They're weird. And they get even weirder when I smile or laugh really hard. I used to not appreciate them at all. But I like them now. They're full and pink and uniquely me.

3. Eyes. Big and very blue. I'm glad they're mine.

4. Waist. Just recently found out how small it is and am learning how to accentuate it properly.

5. Hair. I have a lot of it. It's easy to manage, especially since I had it trimmed and highlighted last week. I have bangs for the first time since 7th grade, and they make me feel totally chic. I'm a low-maintenance girl and so is my hair. I've had many different cuts and styles and I think it looks pretty good no just goes with the flow. I appreciate that.

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Lydia said...

It's neat to hear all the things we can love about our bodies--it almost makes the things we don't love seem inconsequential. :) thanks for sharing!! I enjoyed reading!