Friday, April 24, 2009

Ability to Reason

I like to buy shoes when Steve is out of town. Not to be sneaky or anything, he finds out anyway. It's just easier to justify when he's gone for some reason. He's was in beautiful San Diego this week...without me. So it seems only right that I get a new pair of shoes, doesn't it? Somehow that just makes sense to me.

Another reason why I get a new pair of shoes is because I stopped by my favorite thrift/consignment shop last week and picked up a check for over $100 for clothes I consigned last fall! If you live near or ever visit the Twin Cities, you MUST experience My Sister's Closet on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. You MUST. As far as thrifty shops's perfection.

Yet ANOTHER reason why I needed these shoes is because they were, like, 70% off. And they qualified for free shipping. They're also multi-seasonal (they appear white but are actually light gray), neutral and practical. AND they received a good review for comfort and arch support, which has become very important to me lately.

They came yesterday and I was not disappointed. They're a little snug across the toes, so I've had the shoe stretcher working on them today.

Well friends, the weekend has officially started and I'm determined to make further progress on my closet. So here I go. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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Lydia said...

It's funny--I find it easier to buy myself something if I buy something for my husband...that's my way of justifying my purchases.

Those shoes are adorable!!! Maybe you could share some tips on how to keep them white and clean--that's my biggest problem! :)