Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All-American Jeans

Denim has been around for a long time. Although Americans stake claim in the clothing, "Denim" is actually a town in France (Nimes). And the term "Jeans" has Italian heritage (Genoa). I could go into detail on all that, but today I'm less interested in the material, more so in the item that 70% of Americans choose to put their legs into every day.

Let's face it, Americans: we have an emotional attachment to jeans. I wonder how many people would be very upset if their place of work suddenly removed jeans from the Casual Friday Dress Code. Chinos only? I quit.

Why do we associate jeans with comfort? I don't know that any of my jeans are more comfortable than the dress I'm wearing today...and it's not denim. It's not even cotton. And yet every Friday, every Saturday and every other chance I get, I'm probably going to reach for my jeans...first.

Good ol' Levi Strauss knew what he was doing when he brought this delightful commodity into the lives of Americans. I doubt he had any idea as he marketed to Miners during the San Francisco Gold Rush that his item would walk the runways, or appear in Vogue as soon as the 1930's...for women, of all people.

When hottie-bad-boy James Dean strutted his denim duds in Rebel Without a Cause, American teenagers were hooked. And when the teens of yesteryear became the mommies and daddies of this year, denim became mainstream. We cant imagine living without it now. It's who we are as Americans.


Elaina said...

Yeah! I love it! I am so glad you finally told me about this.

Lydia said...

AMEN, SISTER!!!! :-)

I could not agree more. I am a self-confessed Jean-Oholic! I have actually brought jeans with me to change into when I'm working in an office that allows jeans after 6pm...

Complete and total bliss!!! :)

Your blog is absolutely adorable!!!

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