Friday, April 3, 2009

Hair Trials

The decisions have been made. The measurements have been taken. The supplies have been purchased. And my wonderful friend Tony let me borrow his camera in order to take 'Before' pictures.

I'm talking about my closet of course. But no peaking. The great reveal will take place within a few weeks. I'm thrilled to pieces.

Now, about my hair.

It's wretched. I've always had nice, thick, straight, healthy, semi-blonde hair. Other than the neither-here-nor-there color, I have very few complaints. I highlight my hair blonde. The blonder the better. But my hair grows quite fast and I cannot keep up with the roots. I hate spending money on my hair too. And although I have a wonderful stylist-friend who does a great job and doesn't charge what he's worth, it kills me to think of the shoes I could buy with that $70. The hair must be sacrificed.

So I wait...and wait...and wait...until the condition of my hair is so disturbing I cannot stand it anymore. I'm at that point. Everyday that can be a 'Hat Day', is.

With this whole closet renovation thing, I'm out of money. So I wait some more. And as I wait I ponder what the next move is for this mop of mine. I've been growing it out...but is that the right choice? I'm seriously considering bangs. These layers are out of control...should I even things out a bit? Should I go uber trendy, or safe and classic?

As I did with my closet desires, I will set a timer on acquiring a new 'do. Easter. No, wait! That's next weekend already! Well, I said it, it must be done. Easter it is. I will find a way.

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