Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet Keriann

If you don't golf, you should start. Or at least pretend. If for no other reason than to have a Kari Golf Bag.

When Steve and I first starting dating, he taught me how to golf. I love it. I love the time with my Fave. I love the landscape. I love the challenge. I love the golf carts. I love dressing preppy. I love the quietness. I even love the water hazards and bunkers. I love it all.

We had only been officially dating a for few weeks when I celebrated my 20th birthday. To my utter delight, Steve bought me a full set of golf clubs in the girliest bag he could find as well as 3 adorable stuffed-animal club covers for my new drivers. He also included a glove, balls, and several other accessories I'm sure to be forgetting. Until this time, I had been borrowing equipment from his mom and sister, so I was thrilled to have my very own set.

Fast forward a year or two. My golf game has improved. My golf bag looks a bit worn. Steve finds this website: and mistakenly shows me a pink & brown polka dot golf bag. I become obsessed. These are not cheap bags, so I think of ways I can save up for one. I try to justify purchasing it on a credit card. Can't do it. Maybe if I don't eat lunch for a few months? Bad idea. I think maybe if my family pooled together to buy it for me for Christmas or my next birthday...I could never ask.

I force myself to wait. The pink and brown polka dot style becomes unavailable. Every Kari bag is amazing, but I wanted THAT one. Every year they come out with a new line. And every year I check to see if by chance they have one that is pink and brown polka dot.

Spring 2008. Oh.My.Goodness. IT'S back. Not the exact same...better. It's pink and brown. It's polka dot. It's my mission to make it mine. I save a little bit extra every month, but I have other things to save for my missions trip to Guatemala. My beautiful polka dot bag will have to wait.

Steve knows what's going on. A picture of the bag is my computer desktop background. I start acquiring pink and brown golf clothes to nonexistent bag. When Steve asks what I want for my 26th birthday, it's the only thing that comes to mind. But I's too much. I have until the end of the year to save for the bag before it's likely I continue to hope.

The morning of my birthday - August 2 - I receive 2 gorgeous sets of pearls from Southeast Asia, compliments of Steve's recent business trip to the Philippines. I'm absolutely thrilled about them (Post about pearls to come). It's already such a good birthday!

I always choose what we do on my birthday. I always choose golf. Steve asks me to help him get our golf equipment out of the garage. I type in the garage code. The door goes up.


This is where I should go on and on about what a fantastic husband I have, but I don't think that's necessary. It would only be stating the obvious.

She came with the name 'Blake', but that just wasn't feminine enough for such a bag, so I renamed her Keriann. She's so much more than I expected. Her material is so quality, her hardware so refined, her presence so much more than a picture can capture.

This is the first full season that I'll get to use her and I'm thrilled to pieces. Gazing out my office window at this beautiful, sunny, spring day makes me yearn for the golf course. And for my Keriann.

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