Thursday, April 23, 2009

Menswear Contest

I've recently discovered This week, they have a contest for best menswear-inspired outfit. Now, I am a very girly-girl, but I love menswear-inspired pieces. If done right, it can look soooo chic. Never having participated in a Weardrobe contest, I didn't intend to start now. But yesterday, I just so happened to be wearing trousers, a suit vest, and oxford shoes. Huh. I went home, switched out a few key pieces, added a hat, and Viola! a complete menswear-inspired ensemble!

I enlisted a friend to snap a picture before church. Too bad my camera sucks and I detest posing for pictures by myself. Hopefully the folks at Weardrobe will get the idea. I sure would like to win that $50 gift card to Urban Outfitters....or was it Forever 21?

Oxford shirt: Ralph Lauren, Thrifted
Vest: Vintage, Thrifted
Pants: Gap
Tie Belt: LoveAlwaysXOX
Shoes: Guess via
Hat: No idea.


cheri said...

you're wearing one of my belts! i love it:)

Jilliebeanie said...

I think I bought that at the FIRST Funky Barn! It's so much fun!

Lydia said...

Once again, I absolutely LOVE those pants!!! Where do you buy your pants? I'm always looking for suggestions. :)

Jilliebeanie said...

My favorite trousers are from Gap. I happened upon an amazing clearance a few months ago and picked up 2 pair for under $ was crazy.

Fell4fashion said...

What a GREAT menswear look!! I hope you win :)

just my style said...

You look great! Mens wear is one look that I haven't tried yet. I am not sure I could pull it off! You sure the tie as a belt! I just started a new blog, check it out: