Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm blessed to have many creative, talented, brilliant friends. They add flavor to my life and inspire me creatively as well. I have jewelry and music from Lori Sabin, a clutch skateboard purse from Steve Thomas, a clipboard and belt from Cheri Brown (Love Always XOX), an apron and pearls from Danna Erickson (A Northern Belle), just to name a few. I love supporting my friends in their creative endeavors - it's money well spent. Be prepared to see items from a few of these artists in the future.

Meet the latest addition to my 'couture' collection:

Isn't it great! This one is extra special because it was hand made by my bestest friend Elaina McMillan (Styles by Elaina). She has mad-crazy skills when it comes to designing handbags. Each one is custom made and totally unique.

I've been waiting for 'MY' bag for years. A few of her other designs have tempted me, but when she came out with this one, I knew this was it. She's knows me better than anyone, so I trusted her to choose the fabric combinations and hardware. I did request a big button though. I love big buttons. She makes purses with flower accessories too that are just as great.

This is only the beginning. Bragfest to be continued.

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Elaina said...

Thanks Jill! I love you!