Friday, April 10, 2009

Progression of a Shopaholic

I'm currently reading Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. I've always been interested in the series - simply because of the title - but after seeing the movie I knew it had to be my next read. Having no expectations of the movie, I thought it was very cute. Probably not one that I'd see again for $9.50, but definitely one I'd see at the dollar theater and/or buy on sale.

Now come to find out the movie does the book no justice. My likeness for the book greatly surpasses that of the movie. Ms. Becky Bloomwood is a delightful character despite her severe flaws. I feel like I know her. Like we might even be friends. Like I want to read more about her.

I remember being 19 and having a beautiful, gold VISA card. All purchases made on that card were justified. One day, my parents opened the bill and realized I was in debt over $1,000...or maybe it was $2,000...I don't remember. Anyway, they briefly reprimanded me for acquiring such a bill and advised that I pay it off ASAP. It was kind of like an intervention. From that point on, I took my spending more seriously. I consolidated my credit card and car loan and paid off my debt completely within a short period of time. I didn't give up shopping altogether, but I started making wiser choices about what to purchase, and what to pass up.

The older I get, the pickier I become and the less stuff I need. It's wonderful freedom. Just yesterday, I went out to my garage to get my summer wardrobe out. I'm proud to say, I had ONE storage bin. I remember when the task of switching seasonal wardrobes was literally a weekend project. Last night, it took less than an hour.

Once I get my closet project fully completed, I would like to challenge myself to keep track of what I wear and what I do not. I read this brilliant idea somewhere: Start with all closet hangers facing one direction. Once an item has been worn, hang it back in your closet with the hanger going the opposite direction. See if you can/will wear every item. Those you don't wear, go bu-buy.

Ahhh....Life is so much easier with less needless stuff. And no VISA bill.

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Boutique Girl said...

The book is a million times better than the movie! I enjoyed the movie but I did not link it anyway to the book!