Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What They Wore

Here's a peak at what we saw at the fashion show Friday night. I especially liked the accessories. I'm sad my camera wasn't able to capture them well. The whole show was very hippie-chic, very 70's inspired. A lot of long dresses and flowy pants. A lot of fringe.

Although I wouldn't wear this unless it had a neckline suitable for bra-wearage, it was one of my favorite looks. I love that it's one piece and I love the wide legs.

Again, this was a one-shoulder dealio. The concept was simple and feminine, just not for me.

Yet another one I wouldn't/couldn't wear, but liked it a lot on the model. The back was completely open - uber sexy. I love the use of the huge belt here as well as the wide leg pants.

I wish this picture wasn't blurry. I would wear this dress - yeh! The fringy bracelets are super fun!

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