Monday, June 1, 2009

If We Must

Summer is a-comin', folks. As with every season, there are a few items that aren't preferable, but are nearly impossible to avoid.

The flip-flop. By far the most obnoxious footwear ever created. Not only for the sound they make slapping against your feet, but also because they're worn too much, at the wrong time, for silly reasons.

There is no reason to wear dirty, foam and rubber shoes anywhere but the beach or public shower, or maybe to wash the car or do yard work. Foam flip-flops are the absense of style as well as impractical and dangerous. 2 examples:

1. I went on a missions trip to Guatemala in July of 2008 with my church youth group. We were assigned to an orphanage where our tasks included weeding, painting and scraping walls around the property. The first day there, all the girls wore flip flops. I didn't know what to expect, but assumed we'd be outside and likely get a bit wet and dirty. So I followed suit and wore my flip-flops too. Worst decision ever. I could barely make it up the incline of the driveway without slipping and sliding. By the end of the day, my feet were covered in paint, grass, dirt and slime. I was very uncomfortable and nearly wiped out several times. The next day we went back, make no mistake, I wore athletic shoes.

2. On the last day of our trip, friend Casey wore her foam flip-flops to the airport. At some point in the course of our Atlanta layover, her flip-flop got caught in the escalator. It took a huge chunk out of her shoe and nearly took her toe off.

No matter how ugly, how silly the flip-flop is, we wear them anyway. We wear them because they're comfortable. We wear them because we're lazy. Whatever. If we must wear them, can we please do it with a smidgen of good taste?

Here's what we can avoid:

Rubber Flops

Avoid the foam and rubber. Leave this look to the beach bums and junior high students.

Here's what we can embrace:

Tasteful Flops

A flip-flop with a little substance. A little character. And no foam.

If we must.


cheri said...

sorry lady. i'm in love with flip flops and i wear them everywhere as soon as the weather is warm enough.

i have a few nice pairs that i pull out for the special occasions but i am not ashamed of my foam ones for the everyday! :)

Jilliebeanie said...

Haha. Many of my friends will hate me for this post, being crazy about their flops.

I pray your toes never get caught in an escalator. :)

LaNae said...

I agree, but I must say as far as the flip flop goes, New York and Company has the most conformable ones. I am in the process of re-breaking in my foot for the thong shoe I have many such as example two and I am currently nursing blisters between my toes from them.

Anonymous said...

Well, I "must" make an exception to the foam for my cute platform white ones with all the buttons, but I'll make sure they're clean. :) TW

Betsy's Closet said...

I hate flip flops but for the most part I let it slide when people wear them (with there gnarly dirty feet, chipped nail polish and yellow nails). BUT last year I noticed people wearing them at WEDDINGS!!!! Nice fancy weddings not backyard BBQs. How is this appropriate??? Also, men should never wear flip flops, on average their feet are gross and sticking a thong style flip flop just exaggerates the gross-ness.
I can't believe how much better I feel venting about that. :)