Monday, June 8, 2009


I don't know anything about Mischa Barton. Nada. Never watched a single episode of the O.C. But I sure do like her Keds.

I remember shopping with my mom in the 80's. She bought keds. White, leather ones. I think she liked them because they came in wide sizes. I like them because they're not just white leather anymore. They're as cute as a pair of tennies can be.

Like other tennis shoe manufacturers (Nike), Keds now welcomes you to customize your shoes in their online design studio. Here's my custom Jillie shoe:
I don't know if I'll purchase them, but designing them was great fun! And these options are only the beginning! You can add your own images and/or text or simply click "surprise me" and see the crazy combinations that appear!


How would you like your Keds?

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