Friday, May 8, 2009

Mini Dress

Who will be seeing Star Trek this weekend???

I'll be there.

My husband is "one of those". One of those who booked the VIP suite at the AMC Theater several months in advance. One of those who has planned a birthday-sized party for the release of this movie. One of those who expressed desire to dress in costume for the event. One of those who didn't exactly marry one of those....

For as much as Steve has tried to explain, I don't know squat about Star Trek. I was all excited and proud of myself for knowing who Captain Picard and Data are, only to find out that is a different Star Trek which has nothing to do with the new film.

Ok, so there's Captain Kirk who does the Priceline commercials. Then there's the guy with pointy ears...what's his name? He's a Vulcan...or something like that...

I must admit, what I've seen of Star Trek: The Next Generation is pretty darn good. Certainly no fashion inspiration there though. The uniforms are terrible. Poor Deanna Troi.

Then I do a little research on the 60's Star Trek (the one with the pointy-eared-Vulcan guy). And who'd a thunk it...the ladies are rockin' mini-dresses! Yes! Something I can work with!

Now, this is a little much, I know, but certainly worth addressing. Use your imagination. Replace the sheer hose with leggings or skinny jeans. Maybe give the girl a belt. I don't know what kind of shoes she's wearing, but I'm thinkin' Go-Go Boots. I'd personally keep the boots, but there are other shoes that could work too. Bring the hair down (just a smidgen). Keep the false eyelashes :) .

Oh, I don't know...I'm likely insane...but I genuinely like this look.

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Lydia said...

My husband and I just saw Star Trek last night! Did you like it? I thought it was great! and neither one of us are really "Trekkies." :)

I, however, Don't think I quite have the legs for the dresses. :)