Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturday Outlet Outing

You already know I've been looking for a fun pair of sneakers. I'm also in want of a scooter jacket. I found a plain, white leather coat at that I really like, but I'm not sure about the sizing and it's just beyond what's comfortably affordable for me. I think surely I can find a good deal on both Leather and Sneaker at the Albertville Outlet Mall. Getting there is a bit of a haul for me though. I drive straight through both cities (St. Paul & Minneapolis) and a ways beyond. It took the length of a Sara Groves album to get maybe an hour.

We have several Outlet Malls on the outskirts of the cities here, but Albertville is by far the biggest and the best. I'm fairly certain that amongst Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Converse Outlets I can find my perfect sneaker. And actually, I did. At Nike. On clearance. Not in my size. Strike out.

And what better place to look for leather than at Wilson's Outlet, right? Indeed, they do have some cute jackets. I was surprised, however, that the Wilson's brand was incredibly sparse. I don't even think leather was the primary material in the store. Huh. Weird. Oh well, moving on.

There are certain outlet stores that I can count on. Banana, Gap, Old Navy being the primary ones. I rarely ever shop at Banana or Gap unless I'm at the outlet. Old Navy is hit or miss. I've been doing really well with Gap trousers lately. I picked up another pair for under $20, a light-weight sweater, and a tank top. At Banana, I purchased another pair of trousers for a whopping $9! Old Navy was a disappointment, but I was OK with that after it's higher-end sibling stores treated me so well.

Another stop I always make at the Outlet is Rue 21. I briefly worked at a Rue 21 many years ago and still feel a little loyalty to it. Really, it's cheap stuff and the shopping environment is stressful - crowded and loud. I don't even bother with their regular priced merchandise. I go straight for the clearance racks knowing I might come across a treasure for under $10. Get in and get out. I walked away with 2 dresses - one for $5, the other for $9 - and a hat for $3.

By mid-afternoon, I was exhausted and very hungry. Instead of going all the way home, I called my friend Katie who doesn't live far from Albertville and told her I was coming over to chat and eat. We also ended up going to the local Super Target. We found great clearance there as well. Katie bought an old Hayley Mills movie on the $5.50 rack that I'd never seen before (and I thought I'd seen them all). After dinner, we watched The Trouble With Angels. It was a riot! Hayley Mills was the cutest I'd ever seen her, and the girls' 60's outfits made me wish I could go back in time.

Shopping, friends, food, and a good, clean flick. Yes, Saturday was a very good day.


Lydia said...

Yay for the 60's!!! I'm more of a 70's girl myself, but wouldn't it be fun to travel back and visit their clothing racks! :) ah--to dream! :)

And you like Sara Groves!? My husband and I were downtown recently and saw that she's coming here shortly. :)

Jilliebeanie said...

Yes! We need a time machine!

Sara is from Minnesota like me! I happen to know her personally. Her music is outstanding. If you get a chance to see her live, it's SO worth it!

cheri said...

take me with next time! i have been considering a trip to north branch to get summer clothes for the kids.

i usually end up in medford because it is on the way to see my family.

Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority (a former Wilson's employee) that the best place to find your deals is at the clearance rack of the regular store. Once things there don't sell, they are marked back UP by nearly 40% and brought to the clearance store.

I suppose you're getting a similar deal if you shop the clearance rack at the clearance outlet. Just FYI.

Jilliebeanie said...

Very good to know. Thanks, Anonymous. Unfortunately, with the exception of the Airport, the only Wilson stores left in Minnesota are Outlet/Liquidation stores. Bummer for me.

LaNae said...

Now that I have a job and I am making money again I say we do a field trip to Albertville.