Thursday, June 25, 2009

Choir Occasion

Our choir helps lead worship at our church every Sunday. It's quite possibly the best thing goin' in the Twin Cities on Sunday morning. And I know there's other great stuff out there, so that's a big statement.

That said, it is an extra special treat when we have an opportunity to sing beyond our own loft. Sara Renner graciously invited us to partake in an evening of worship last night at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, MN. We had a wonderful time!

Typically when we sing at other venues, we're assigned a dress code. Sara asked that the choir wear black with a bright color. Easy enough. But no matter what is chosen, there is a need to be very, very, very specific or you just never know what kind of ensemble somebody will try to pull off. Poor choir members... especially the girls... my standards are too high.

Aw, man...picture is blurry.
I hope you get the idea anyway.

Justin Timberlake was there!?

No, no. This is my adorable husband, Mr. Choir Director, who pulled together his outfit with hardly any help from me. We might call this look "Geek Chic". I'm gaga over the short sleeve dress shirt and skinny tie! You rocked it, baby! :)

As for me, I'm all ruffles in a black skirt from Target (clearance, $7) and pink blouse from JC Penny (clearance, $8).

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In Bug's Drawers said...

You guys look both great and it looks like you had fun.