Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Everyday, For Life

I've had this little black dress for almost a year now. Had never worn it until Tuesday. Why? Because I wanted to wear it with a cardigan and I didn't have one that I liked with it. I'm picky like that. I finally bought this little yellow cardi at Old Navy at their extra 50% off clearance sale. It might still be going on - ya better get over there!

Cardigan: Old Navy, $11

Dress: Rampage via Macy's, $24

Heels: BCBG via Marshalls, $15

As I wore this ensemble, it became clear to me that I would very much like to wear dresses and cardigans with heels every day for the rest of my life! That's just how good I felt.

Was it the most attractive, most flattering thing I've ever worn? Nope. But something about it made me feel all good things: pretty, feminine, sweet, while being plenty professional enough for work too. I was comfortable from the time I dressed at 6:30am, during work, through choir practice, until I arrived home at 9pm.

A Dress & Cardi

I have an hourglass shape, so dresses with a defined waistline are the ones for me. I much prefer an A-line skirt, but some straighter cuts work too. Even though V-neck cardigans are said to minimize a chest (yes please), I gravitate to crew-necks instead. As for heels...I like 'em tall. With dresses I like a round or peep toe. See the pickiness?

An added bonus...the husband likes dresses a lot. Handsy, is a good way to put it. (Scrubs reference). TMI? Sorry...


cheri said...

i love dresses and skirts. especially in the summer! i could wear them everyday :)

Anonymous said...

You look "ever so pretty." Then, again, you look pretty/cute in basically everything you put on. Might have something to do with the girl inside the clothes. Hmm. (tw) By the way, I'm enjoying these random word thingies on your blog. As I sat here today contemplating "myentlo," I thought of Girly Muse's blog of the Korean speaker. :)