Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy = Yellow

A few weeks ago, Steve and I were en route to a day of fun with our eight year old niece, Kara. Somehow, we began discussing colors and their corresponding emotion.

"What color is sad?"

Kara: "Blue."

"What color is mad?"

Kara: "Red."

"What color is scary?"

Kara: "Black."

"What color is happy?"

Kara: "Yellow."

Yep. She's one smart cookie.

Isn't yellow the happiest of happy colors? I love it. I do love all colors and have such a difficult time choosing a favorite, but for today, yellow it is. Yellow makes me feel light, fresh, warm, glowy, and happy indeed. It isn't what I'm wearing currently, but I'm already thinking about how to incorporate it into my outfit tomorrow.


FYI: Items featured are under $100. It's true.

Guess who else loves yellow? Jessica at Weardrobe. Participate in this Weardrobe contest for the opportunity to win a $50 gift card to Anthropologie!


In Bug's Drawers said...

Yellow is such a lovely color - but I always look horrible in it :(

I think its my pale complexion. Love the skirts.

Jen Lula said...

oooh I love all the yellow- I am totally excited for the weardrobe contest as well!!

Fell4fashion said...

LOVE it all!!!!!!!! I need something to wear so I can get in on the weardrobe contest....

ONiC said...

love that yellow dotted heels

Girly Muse said...

oh yes, big fan of yellow/happy!