Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Remember me telling you about the Oh Deer shoes I'd purchased on Amazon? As I mentioned, this particular brand has been calling my name for quite some time. I was a bit concerned when I opened the shoe box. From the look of them, I was sure my new Oh Deer's would be far too small.

I was pleasantly surprised that they fit perfectly from heel to toe. And the arch support in this 4" heel is a dream come true! It was only the width across the toes that was too small. Shoe stretcher to the rescue!

I can't tell you how vital the stretcher is to my shoe wardrobe. At a mere $6.99 (Target), this baby has saved many-a-decent-shoe from the donation pile. Until yesterday, I've managed with only one stretcher and am finding it far more convenient having two.

Are you familiar with the stretcher? Simply push the stretcher into the shoe, twist to expand, wait a day or two and see how much better your shoes fit! The little white knob thingys can be placed in pre-drilled holes on the stretcher to help eliminate pressure spots.

They're available at Walmart, DSW and Target. I usually see them near the laces, insoles, polish, ect.

Do your feet a favor and invest in a nice shoe stretcher.


angie fabulous said...

i so need that shoe stretcher! i have the widest feet known to man, i'm sure of it!

In Bug's Drawers said...

I have never heard of a shoe stretchers before, neat!

Betsy's Closet said...

I never thought about it, and I have a few shoes that I've been holding on too waiting to shove my feet in...this will help.
Cute shoes btw.

watergirl82 said...

I SOOOOO need a shoe stretcher! I have slightly wider than normal feet so something like this would be an absolute LIFE SAVER!

LaNae said...

I am buying one tomorrow. Thanks Jill oh and I miss you lets have dinner soon!