Monday, June 29, 2009


I propose a new line of bracelets to the Disney Corporation. WWMW = What Would Minnie Wear. I know. It's brilliant. They should pay me big bucks for that idea.

Slightly sacrilegious? Nah.

Today marks 90 days until Steve and I set sail on our 3rd Disney Cruise. We're addicts. Seriously. So this evening we'll choose our shore excursions and any special accommodations for the trip. It's been decided that we each get our choice of one excursion as birthday presents to each other (August & September birthdays).

I'm SO excited. Particularly because our family will be joining us this time. Steve's mom and dad, sister and two nieces. Who'd think to bring kids on a Disney Cruise...huh. :)

All this talk of cruising with Mickey and Minnie gets me thinking...WWMW?

Minnie Cruise

All I can think about is pretty dresses, heels, polka dots, bows and ribbons. All in nautical colors, of course. All of these cruise-worthy items are found at

And hey, while you take in this red, white, and blue, why not hop on over to for a chance to win a $50 gift card for the best Americana inspired ensemble.


Girly Muse said...

Oh you know I'm all over this one. Love ALL of those choices!!!

Boutique Girl said...

Never been on a cruise, but saw one of the Disney liners docked when we were in the Bahamas!! Looked AMAZING!!!