Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Disc Golf Girly

I was thoroughly inspired by Wife, Mom, Woman's blog today. Like Cheri's husband Andrew, my Stevie is fanatical about Disc Golf (aka Frisbee Golf). I appreciate that it's a free or very cheap sport to play. I'm grateful that the obsession is active and played with real people - it isn't video games (been there, done that). I really don't mind the sport at's a-okay. It's just do I say this....

Un-cute. Yes. It's un-cute. Nothing cute about it. Void of cuteness. Nada cutesy. Okay, I'll stop now.

But perhaps there is hope for Disc Golf. Cheri (the Wife, Mom, Woman) received a pink disc golf bag for Mother's Day. Uber cuteness. If they're now making sweet equipment like that, I may have to join in the fun.

So I did a little searching for Disc Golf gear that a lady might like to handle. The selection remains sadly disappointing, but I did find a few random pieces that are worth considering.

I like this bag. Wish it were pink, but oh well.
It's called Fade Gear Lite.

Tees and Tanks. These are decent.

What's any sport without a fabulous water bottle?
This SIGG is great.

It's not much, but it's a step in the right direction for women's disc golf. I may just pick up a disc and joyously throw it at a basket somewhere. That's how good I feel about it.

Thanks, Cheri. Let's play.


Bug said...

I love Sigg water bottles.

cheri said...

i love it! those tees and tanks are fabulous.

so when women play for the first time at sundog they get $20 to spend on 'the truck' haha.

let me know when you think you'll go out for a sundog night and i'll come with. i was telling andrew it would be so fun to have the four of us together. or you and i can just play with the women.

Fell4fashion said...

My sisters love disc golf! I'm totally telling them to check this out!