Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fitness Challenge

I don't do diets and I don't do exercise unless it's fun. Period.

But I do desire to live healthy, so when a challenge arises that encourages wellness but doesn't require physical torture or rule out the occasional brownie, I'm so there.

My friend Nadine - who lives in St. Paul - has a twin sister Nia - who lives in Chicago. Together, they've devised a little St. Paul vs. Chicago fitness competition. We're calling it "Skinny Girls Getting Fit". I am one of approximately 15 participants on the St. Paul team. We'll each set personal goals and choose the methods by which we'll reach those goals (no crash diets, no diet pills, no craziness) over the next 12 weeks. The purpose isn't necessarily to lose weight, but to develop healthier lifestyles all around and encourage each other in the process.

I'm contemplating what my personal goals should be. I definitely want to participate in fun physical activity more often. The opportunities are there, I just have to DO it. Like Nike says. Just do it. Hmmm...a new pair of Nike's might be good motivation.

My fitness TO DO list:

  • Walk. Equivalent to at least 1/2 hour everyday. Surely I can give myself bonus points if done in heels.
  • Tennis. Whenever possible.
  • Disc Golf. Whenever possible.
  • Golf. Whenever possible, without a golf cart.
  • Bike. Fix it, then ride it.
  • Sit up. Rumor has it that good posture burns more calories. If nothing else, it'll just make me look thinner.

Next, I must consider my eating habits. This is a bit difficult because although my sweet husband would benefit greatly from a healthier diet, I don't want him to feel oppressed by my personal food choices. He made us a delicious dinner last night of fried shrimp, tater tots, and garlic bread, with brownies for dessert. Not a skinny-girl sort of meal, but there's no way I would've passed that up. Instead, I'd like to focus more on portion size, drink more water, cut back (not eliminate) sweets, and simply pay closer attention to what I'm eating. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Just for fun, we've also chosen Hollywood alter-egos. I'm Scarlett Johannsen. She's not shy about her voluptuous bod. I appreciate that.

I'm excited about this healthy summer endeavour. It's going to help me approach my "late 20's" with a little more gusto.

Would you like to play along? Tell me about the healthy lifestyle goals you've set for yourself and how you plan on accomplishing them.

In the meantime.... GoooOOO St. Paul!


Kristen said...

Good for you! I have been doing many of the things on your list. I have been walking 35 mins a day at least 6 days a week (if you ever need a buddy to walk with give me a call) and I have all but cut junk food from my diet. The occasion piece of homemade peanut brittle aside I have had no candy and few pastries for 3 weeks. I have also eaten my weight in fruit lately. Now my change has had a bit of help in the motivation department but I still feel really great and that's saying something at a time when I should be the most sick! Good luck with your goals and feel free to call on me if you need any support!

Elaina McMillan said...

Yeah for you! I think we should go rock climbing about once a week at Verticle Endeavors! What do you think?

Jilliebeanie said...

Yes! I love rock climbing! Not too sure about the cost(?) Let's look into it!

Jen Lula said...

Congrats! This sounds like a great thing to do!! Healthy living is very important and no, you don't have to kill your self to get it!!! What a fun challenge!
Good luck!