Monday, July 6, 2009

Glorious Slumber

What a fabulous three day weekend!

It was so fun that my brain would not switch back into routine mode last night as I crawled into bed sometime after midnight, exhausted. Ms. Brain simply refused to give up her vacation. She fought my tired body until around 3am when she finally lost the battle.

My alarm goes off at exactly 5:55am. Big meanie.

So today, I'm longing for darling cotton jammies by Frankie & Johnny.

Come to think of it, my sleep wardrobe could use a serious overhaul. It's not that I don't own cute pajamas, I do. It's just that the ugly ones are so much more comforting. I've tried to amend my sloppy sleepwear ways, particularly since marriage, but the old t-shirt and sweats keep making their way back into my preferences.

I think I need help. Like an intervention of sorts.

Anybody out there picky about their PJ's? Tell me what I need to do.

1 comment:

cheri said...

i am so not picky about my pj's that i feel bad for my husband. haha. i would so much rather spend the money on clothes. i do think it is important to have a few pairs of cute sweats though! pair them with a fitted tank and you're good to go!