Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Irregular Choice

I respect a brand of shoe that isn't afraid to be a little different. That breaks the mold. That stands out from the crowd. That says, "I'm not just a shoe, I'm a piece of art."

Irregular Choice is that brand. When I first laid eyes on a pair, I couldn't help but giggle and imagine the kind of woman who would wear these silly shoes. But now, I must say, that they've grown on me in a big way. I would likely wear well over half of their selection. Sure, they're a bit crazy, but insanity is in, so why not display the trend in footwear instead of lifestyle choices? Thus, we avoid rehab and have a healthier, happier society with funky shoes. Wow. I should go into politics.

If shoe names such as Fairy Dust and Chocolate Box and Swiss Cheese don't peak your curiosity, perhaps Mars Attack or Lick Me will do it for ya. has a selection of over 400 Irregular Choice shoes, all at discount prices. Enjoy!


GingerSnap said...

These are quite different, but I especially love (LOVE) the first pair with the little bug on it! They are really fun and flirty :)

The Clothes Horse said...

They're shoes are SO different; sometimes I love them and sometimes I think "oh no!"

Girly Muse said...

Very fun. I Like!