Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Making Music

I guess I'm a tad slow with my weekend updates. So it's Tuesday and I'm going to brag on my Friday & Saturday. Whatev.

The ABC Youth Choir took part in some wonderful music festivities both Friday and Saturday. On Friday, we were among several groups that performed at the More Conference. I was so excited to know that Jason Gray would be among the featured artists. I've been a fan of his forever, it would seem.

The other artists included Shane & Shane and Bethany Dillon. I guess they're big-time in the Christian music industry, but I'd never heard their music before. They were really, really good. Not only really good, but also really, really sweet. Steve and I met Bethany back stage - what a doll! And so very talented! I didn't meet the Shane's, but those who did raved about how awesome they were. And their music!? Goodness.

The party continued on into Saturday when we came together for Freedomworks Community Outreach Event in North Minneapolis (that's the ghetto, y'all).

The turn-out was impressive. People came from all over to share in the music, food and fellowship. Based on the 3 "encores" they asked of us, I think we were well received. It's a great feeling.

Lately I've been overwhelmed with love and gratitude toward the leaders, members and fans of the ABC Youth Choir - my fam. We may not be the most amazing singers (although we have a few), or the most rhythmic groovers, but when we get together, it's a party.

I know I've mentioned the choir a few times in this blog, but I'll never even scratch the surface of how much it matters to me. I've been in it since I was 13, have seen it through many hills and valleys, and am so very proud of who we are today...small, but mighty.

Tomorrow, back to fashion. I promise.


J.Me. said...

I really like Bethany. I've listened to her for a few years now, though I've never seen her live. Sounds you guys had a pretty sweet show!!

angie fabulous said...

shoot girl! i've been listening to beth for many years! she's amazing. and such a sweet girl. totally love her! yay!

Girly Muse said...

such a fun weekend! i was a proud mama.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful weekend! We're among the biggest fans! Love, TW