Friday, July 10, 2009

Product Review: Under-thing

In my experience, thrift stores are the best places to find slips and camisoles for cheap. I'm not into spending money on under-clothes. The problem I find with slips is that many of them have seams in peculiar places. I don't know why they're designed this way because one purpose of a slip is to create a smooth line under clothing. So when there are visible seams or lace details, it bothers me a bit.

I have a few dresses that are quite sheer and have always been troubled by what to wear underneath. I had planned to wear my blue, vintage dress earlier this week (photo to come), but knew I was not satisfied with my slip choices.

To Target I went. I found the Vassarette Body Curves Slip. It looked like it might be a little more restrictive than I prefer, and certainly more expensive than I would typically spend on an under-thing. So I picked up a size larger than I would normally wear and told myself that the $17 would be well worth it for a good product.

Let me tell ya ladies, it holds everything in and improves the look of the exterior garment. There are absolutely no seams, no lace, no nonsense. The material is soft and stretchy. The straps are removable and adjustable for your varying garment needs. Warning: it is meant to be very snug, so if you're a fan of breathing, go up a size, maybe even two.

The only thing I do not like about this slip is that the skirt has a tendency to ride up the legs, nearing the bum. It's not uncomfortable, but it defeats the purpose when wearing a sheer dress/skirt. I'm contemplating ways to alter this problem (suggestions?).

Save the tag and the receipt and check it out for yourself. You may just love it.


Fell4fashion said...

Great review! I think I am going to pick this up because of you! I've been thinking about getting a full slip for a while now :) Thanks a bunch!

cheri said...

i was just slip shopping last night:P is there no such thing as a knee length black slip? i think i'll check out the thrift store!

cheri said...

thanks again for the thrift store tip. after looking in every store around for that knee length black slip i finally made it to the thrift store. there were like 4 of them each under $2! yeah:)