Friday, July 24, 2009


It's 8:45am and the most ominous black cloud has overshadowed the city. I have a perfect view of the park from my office windows. For a few minutes everything became still and black. The streetlights came on, and it looked like night. Then the wind picked up and the cloud began to move. But where is the rain? I was looking forward to thunder and lightning and the smell of the earth after a storm. All I get is a cloud? There are so many fun accessories to wear in the rain. Come back, cloud. And give me some rain.

Rain Two

Rain One

Rain Three

Rain Four

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J.Me. said...

Heart and daisy umbrellas?! I LOVE! I REALLY REALLY REALLY love the combo green coat and spring goloshes w/ umbrella. How in the world do you spell gulashes?!