Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Riding the Short Bus

I mean, Short Boat...

Allow me to take a break from fashion to provide you with some recent family history. This past January, my dear, sweet, talented mother-in-law, Danna, was asked to be a guest soloist for a concert being held at a big church in Bloomington, MN. She was all prayed up and ready to go, when for an unknown reason, she fainted. She hit her head very, very hard in three places. People said the whole church shook when she fell. Big, serious, life-threatening boo boo.

The wires/filters in her brain got all jumbled up. She spent months and months in terrible pain. She slept all the time. It's been a real struggle.

Things have improved greatly, but she still suffers with memory loss, noise sensitivity, fatigue, and balance...among other things. Recovery is slow, but we are so thankful for the progress made thus far.

My in-laws are avid boaters. It's usually all about the kids (we have 3 adorable nieces: Emma on right), but this weekend they were occupied with others things, so we decided to take an all-adult boat trip. Danna wasn't having a particularly good day, but wasn't about to miss the boat. When we all got settled in, Danna asked for her ear plugs to help with the noise. Uh oh. Left them at home.

It might have been an unbearable day for Danna, but after briefly considering the supplies on the boat and our lack of options, I offered a tampon as a solution. That's right. I suggested my mother-in-law plug her ears with a tampon. We are not too proud in our family to do these sort of things. And thank goodness, it helped.

We found a little beach along the river and stopped for an oh-so-tasty lunch. Hubby Steve, and sister-in-law, Angie, entertained the rest of us with a little jig in tune to the blasting stereo from a nearby boat. Here's how it went:

Ah...good times on the short boat.


Bug said...

I hope your mom gets better. Seems like a fun boat trip.

Girly Muse said...

hahahahahaha I love it!

That's the perfect picture with Danna putting a TAMPON in her ear. That picture will live on in history. ahhaha

And I'm diggin' the jiggin'!!! :) lol

E said...

Looks gorgeous! And like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Ok, the story alone was funny; but, it's even funnier with the visual. I told Danna she should market that as her "million-dollar" idea.