Friday, August 21, 2009

G2 Treasures, Part 2


The dress! It's been cold and wet and nasty 'round these parts, but that didn't stop me from wearing this silky frock from Express. If I'd had a chance to dig through my winter wardrobe for some tights, I would've worn them instead of leggings. Yes, it's been that cold. I ended up wearing my jean jacket most of the day.

Since I don't have any amazing accessories to share with you, perhaps I should explain why I'm in this barn. We have family that live on the cutest little farm in Wisconsin. They invited us out for a most amazing meal last night. Of course we had to check out the new litter of kittens while we were there. I'm very allergic, but they were just too cute not to hold. So I guess the kitten is my accessory.



The cords! Good grief, people. I'm wearing corduroy in August. Another cold, rainy day. I thought I'd have to set aside these Gap Cords for at least another month, but here they are.

The tank top! Can't see much of this little stripey number from J. Crew, but I layered it over a white t-shirt. I think I like it.

There you have it, friends. I wore something from G2 every (work) day this week. Most everything else that I bought will have to be saved for the winter months.

I'm looking forward to a fun-filled, sun-shiney weekend! I hope you are too!


Aya Smith said...

That dress is perfectly lovely! And I am sure that jean jacket went perfectly with it! :D

Boutique Girl said...

I am looking for some Gap style trousers at the moment! I love the tank too!

out of the mist said...

Very nice outfits!!!
Love your necklace!