Monday, August 17, 2009


Saturday, BFF Elaina and I began our shopping adventure together with a lovely brunch at a local Finnish Bistro/Dunn Bros. near our Goodwill Outlet destination. As you can see, it was all sorts of yummy. This is actually one extremely large serving that we shared.

Then off to experience G2, as they call it. It was a large warehouse with several large tables, piled high with clothing. There were about 8-10 conveyor belts coming through wall. On each belt was maybe 10-12 bins full of merchandise. Through the spaces in the wall we could see the other side of the warehouse which must have been as big, if not bigger, than the shopping space. We detected enormous bins packed high with goods.

Upon arrival, we were rather confused. There were a lot of people there, but only a few appeared to be shopping. People stood with their carts alongside the walls of the large space. It looked like they were just hangin' out, waiting.

We weren't there long before we realized that new merchandise would roll out from the conveyor at regular intervals. If we'd been keeping track of time, we may have figured out how often this occurred so we could be among the first to pick. (Light bulb) This is what the people were waiting for.

For what it was, it was well-managed and orderly. There were unwritten 'rules' that Elaina and I were quickly made aware of:

Rule 1: No carts near the conveyor.
Rule 2: Standing room only on one side of the conveyor.
Rule 3: No touching until all the bins are out and signal to begin has been given.

Just when we thought we had dug through it all and it was time to tally the damage, yet another load would come out and the next round of claims would begin. It was addicting. 39 items, $25.16. and 3 hours later (that's just what I bought), we finally had to call it quits. Clothing is purchased by the pound, but if I were to break it down to cost per item, I spent roughly $0.65 per piece. I bought for my sis-in-law, nieces, friends, and myself, of course.

We were hot, sweaty, thirsty, stinky messes when it was all said and done, but golly it sure was a great trip.

Elaina's pile

My pile.

My dirty laundry pile. (The only thing not fun about thrifting!)

I'm very excited to share some of my grand purchases with you in the near future! I'm going to attempt to wear something from Goodwill Outlet everyday this week - I think I can do it!


angie fabulous said...

dangit! so wish i could have made time!

cheri said...

i want to come with next time! i keep telling andrew to take me there but we just never get around to it.

Mary said...

How can I be a twin-citian and have never been here? Definitely tossing that onto my list of things to do!

Jilliebeanie said...

Let's all get together and make a day of it! (that includes you, Mary, we love new friends!)

Maybe sometime next month?

Bug said...

What a great day you guys had!! I would love to go shopping with you, such great finds!!

Jonathan Thulin said...