Friday, August 14, 2009


Everyone knows about Goodwill, right? If you've never been a Goodwill shopper, then perhaps you've been a donator. Or maybe you know of someone who has been helped by their non-profit services. If completely unfamiliar, you can find out what Goodwill is all about here. And while you're there, read a few inspiring success stories! Amazing!

"When you buy items in Goodwill retail stores and online at, you're helping fund Goodwill services that prepare people for job success. More than 84 percent of Goodwill's total revenues are used to fund education, career services and other critical community programs."

Although I love thrift shopping and there are over 12 Goodwill stores throughout the Twin City area, I've been more of a Goodwill donator than a shopper. That may all change this weekend when I will explore Goodwill Outlet with a few girlfriends! The outlet is where items are sold...get the pound!

I hear it's pretty dirty and I've been advised to wear gloves and bring lots of sanitizer. It can't be that bad, can it? No matter. I'll be prepared. I'm really looking forward to this thrifty adventure! With any luck, I'll be displaying my finds next week!


Anonymous said...

You will have to let us know how the GW Outlet was. I was a bit freaked my first time, but scored some really great stuff! And yes, it can be that bad!! :-)

Andrea said...

LOVE IT!! Find lots of wonderful things cheap!