Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Das Boot

Just when I was beginning to wonder IF or WHEN we would see progress in boot style, it arrived. For years everyone and their mother (not my mother per se) has been workin' what I call "the hooker boot". Don't get me wrong, I like this look a lot and own several pairs. But I figured surely as abruptly as the hooker boot made it's way into the wardrobes of seemingly every woman everywhere, it would make it's way out as well. Remember those clunky Dr. Marten sandals? Yeah...like that.

The hooker boot has proven to have staying power, but nobody wants a style to go stale. I'm finding the evolution in design and construction of this season's boot trends to be perfectly timely and fabulous to boot (pun intended).

These are similar to the black hooker boots I currently own:

Stylistically, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these. They have reasonable arch support, a sturdy heel, a classic toe box...they're fine and I will likely keep them around even if I happen to upgrade.

These are meant to fit snugly around the leg. For gals like me with average feet, little ankles, and small calves, a good fit is hard to find. There tends to be a lot of sagging...and I don't need any more sagging in life...in general.

The same applies to those with larger ankles and calves. I know of some who even custom order their boots to fit properly. No one wants a boot that cuts off circulation and only zips half-way.

I find the styles of the current season a step (another pun intended) in the right direction. They're meant to be loose, slouchy even, and hopefully a more universal fit for those of us who have a slightly smaller or larger leg.

In addition to fit, I love that this season's boot styles do not all look the same. We have many options with creative features such as:




And my favorite, the exaggerated pirate cuff! (This one is not so affordable...argg!).

Do you find these enhanced boot styles as appealing as I do? If so, what will you choose?

These styles found at shoes.com and piperlime.com.


Andrea said...

My calves are too fat...now there is the real truth behind my not wearing them.
Blessings, andrea

Christina Lee said...

aarghh matey! I would choose over th knee if I had the option to roll them down!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Those boots with the buttons are awesome!!