Tuesday, September 29, 2009


For the past 8 years, my church youth group has hosted an event we call Kidnapped. Basically, we plan a day of activities and transport a bunch of young people who have know idea where they're going. We typically make 3 stops throughout the day. Every year is fun, but I felt this one went exceptionally well given the amazing weather, participation, and food.

Our first event was about a 45 minute drive from St. Paul in Shakopee, MN at Sever's Corn Maze. It's not just a maze...although the maze is quite aMAZEing. It's different every year. This year, the challenge was to find each post marked with a letter. Keep track of every one with a picture of a pirate. Submit findings at the end of the maze for a chance to win a prize!

An aerial picture of the maze.

'G' is for 'Girls!'...and Alijah. He wanted to be in pictures too!
Oh, lookie-there, mates! A pirate!

'K' is for Kelsy, Katie, Keely....and Alijah.
No pirate to be found on 'K'. Moving on...

They also have a petting zoo, pig races, camel rides, a big slide, a small playground, fried food and best of all, A CORN PIT! Oh how I love that corn pit!

Children of the corn.

Buried alive in the corn.

The bus blew a tire on the highway on the way to the next event. Just an exciting little bump in our day.

Tire got a booboo.

Waiting for alternate transportation.

After our fill of delicious Mexican cuisine at stop #2 (I can't believe I didn't get pictures of the FOOD!), our last stop was the new bowling alley, PINZ. I bowled a 99 and a 113 (typical).

It was such a fun day!

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Aya Smith said...

Oh my, what a fun day indeed! These are adorable pictures :)