Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some Like it Chilly

It's REALLY rare that I take pictures of my outfits. For two reasons: #1. I would be mortified if anyone caught me taking pictures of myself. (Maybe it's something you get used to?) #2. It takes me MANY tries to get an even remotely decent picture and can be very time-consuming. (Maybe it just takes practice?)

Yesterday, I had some free time after work to play with camera placement and such. And I liked my outfit, celebrating my first tight-wearing of the season. I. Love. Tights. So get an outfit picture.

I also love fall. I love fall so much that I almost don't mind that it precedes winter. The cursed Minnesota winter - yuck. Fall makes me want to be outside all the time. I want cuddle up with a blanket in my hammock and read and nap and repeat. I must make time to do that soon. I. Love. Fall.

Sweater: Gap - way old
Flower Pin: Gap - way old
Skirt: Target - way old
Tights: ?
Shoes: Liz Claiborne via DSW


Anonymous said...

lookin adorable! and i hate taking pics of myself and luckily it's private where i do it.

Mary said...

I know what you mean-- I love the way some other bloggers' "outside shots" look but I just can't bring myself to take pics in public! Maybe some day :) That being said, I adore this outfit! Those colors together are so great, & I'm loving the tights! (in the small window of MN weather before the snow that we can wear them :))

Anonymous said...