Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Too Tall

Steve and I went on our first Disney Cruise for our honeymoon more than 3 years ago. We experienced the Disney Wonder for 4 glorious days and nearly wept as we departed the ship. We enjoyed our stay so very much.

As part of that first experience, we decided to partake in a guided tour of the massive ship. It just so happened that we were the only ones and got the friendly tour guide all to ourselves. It was great. I was able to ask her the one question I had been dying to ask:

"What would it take for me to get a job as Minnie?"

Our sweet tour guide replied, "You can't be Minnie. You're too tall."

NOOOOOOOOO! Tragic. That was my career back up plan too. Really, it was.

Minnie is 4' 11''. I am 5' 4".

"Why is Minnie 4' 11"?" I asked.

"Because Minnie is mini," she replied.

And that was that.

I suppose I could try out to be one of the princesses...but it just wouldn't be the same.

Here's what I like so much about Minnie...

She's simply fabulous and classy. Heels are her footwear of choice. Polka dots galore. Bright colors. Hats with flowers. Big bows. White gloves. Always smiling. Her sweet, little giggle.

The other thing I like so much about Minnie...

She stands by her

Well, that's likely all you'll get from me for the next 10 days. Internet access and free time will be sparse where I'm goin'.

But wait! Don't go anywhere. Stay close. Just because I'm away doesn't mean Spoils of Wear is on vacation too. No sirree. Special posts are on their way.


See you real soon!


Why? Because I like you!



Bug said...

Awww... cute post. Glad there are some neat blog posts on the way. Enjoy your trip!!

Girly Muse said...

I'm so sorry you are too tall! I would have dearly loved to have a friend who was Minnie.

Have a GREAT time!!! So excited for you.

Andrea said...


Blessings, andrea