Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tutus for Big Girls Continued

Sorry that this is coming a little late...but for any of you who read my first blog, "Tutus for Big Girls" you are all aware that I made myself, a 26 year old woman, a "Big Girl Tutu" to wear to a fashion show which was last night. At the time of my first post I hadn't yet committed to wearing the tutu so asked for a bit of advice from all of you.

Well...I did wear the tutu and am so glad I did!

My night started at Joe's Garage in Loring Park, and I have to admit I was pretty self conscious wearing a hot pink tutu to a place called Joe's Garage. In fact there were a couple of guys sitting outside of Joe's garage who thought that instead I was looking for Cafe Lurcat right around the corner and directed me there. So, very self-consciously I made my way up to the roof, as that is where I was meeting the rest of my group.

After we ate at Joe's Garage me and my very good friend/sister-in-law Maria made our way to the W Hotel for the Envision fashion show. I immediately knew I would feel much more comfortable at the fashion show in a bright pink tutu, though still slightly self-conscious.

Needless to say. The night went really well. I got like a zillion compliments on my tutu and one boutique owner even asked if I would come in and make something for a manequin in his store! Heck Yes! How cool is that! I always dream that something like that will happen, but usually it never does, and last night it did! Hopefully it is not too good to be true.

Anyway, thank you to all who read my first blog and this continuation today. I have really enjoyed writing this and may even begin a blog of my own very soon.

Thank you all!

Here are a few pictures of the tutu as promised.


Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

Wow, it is even better than I imagined. I want to buy it!

Becca Wunderlich said...

I love it, pumpkin. I am so proud of you, you do have talent!

Jilliebeanie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your tutu! Wish I could've been there! And how awesome that a boutique owner wants you to design something for his shop - heck yes!

Oh, and I totally think you should get yo-self a blog, girl! I'll be your first follower!

cheri said...

that is so awesome elaina! you are definitely talented enough to design stuff for boutiques and more.

Girly Muse said...

yay!!! glad you went for it! of course you need to be decorating mannequins! how fun would that be! and yes, on the blog. just don't keep it a secret as long as jilliebean did. :)