Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tutus for Big Girls! name is Elaina and I've never actually written a blog before, though I do like to talk alot; but since Jill is away for the week on a magical Disney Cruise she has asked me to fill in, for at least...or maybe it was at most, one blog. She said I could choose anything I want to write about so I've decided to write about tutus.

Have any of you ever watched Sex and the City? Well if you have then you have likely seen, during the shows intro, Carrie Bradshaw wearing a pale pink tutu. When I first saw that episode several years ago I wasn't quite sure how I felt about a 30 something year old woman wearing a tutu, not in a ballet, but waiting for a taxi on a busy New York street. Now...I really like fashion, not so much names or designers, but instead the design elements; putting patterns, colors and textures together to create something entirely unique, something that reflects who you are. Anyway, I appreciate the fashion forward. So, when I saw Carrie Bradshaw wearing her pale pink tutu out on a busy New York street a part of me wanted to applaud her, but the other part of me viewed her ensemble with a critical eye (or the "Manhattan Once Over" for those of you who have read the "Shopaholic" series).

Several years later I find myself, a 26 year old married woman, desiring to wear a big girl tutu! I'm not sure if this is appropriate or not, but the inspiration came on while watching last season's "So You Think You Can Dance." All these woman of all ages were wearing these gorgeous tutus for their routines and made them look very Rock-N-Roll instead of traditional ballet. Most of the girls at some point during the show performed in a tutu, whether it be ballet, contemporary, or even hip hop. Now, I'm not a dancer, though I do love to dance, but I would still like to wear a tutu; so, today I went and bought hot pink, black, and white tulle to make myself a tutu for a fashion show I'm going to on Friday. I just finished it only a few minutes ago and I love it! Only problem is that I don't know if I have enough guts to wear it. Perhaps I only think it looks fashion forward and creative, but really looks like one hot mess! I'd love to hear your guys thoughts on it and whether or not you think I should wear it to the fashion show on Friday. Let me warn you however, I may not take heed of your advice should I become determined (which I nearly am) to wear my tutu on Friday, but would still appreciate you opinion. There have been many times when my husband has laughingly asked as he gives me the "Manhattan Once-over" if I was really going to wear that, and most of the time I do end up wearing it, not to spite him and not because I'm stubborn, but because I really like what I'm wearing. I will post pictures of my very brilliant tutu by Friday so you may all know, either what a fool I am, or how truly fashion-forward and talented I am.


Kristen said...

I say "No guts no glory" lol Go for it! Everyone wants to recapture their youth and fashion can be a great way to do that. Can't wait to see pics!

Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

I say go for it! Course I haven't see it yet, ha. Sounds great. I look forward to a pic.

Great first blog post, by the way. You should keep it up.