Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Update

My delightfully long weekend has come to an end (sigh). BUT I'm back on the vacation train tomorrow after work. The long-awaited Disney trip is nearly here! I AM SO EXCITED!

In preparation for a long trip, there seems to be endless 'extras' that must be acquired. After purchasing 1 extra large suitcase, 2 sets of snorkel gear, Disney paraphernalia for 2 nieces, travel size everything, new underclothes, new bathing suits...hopefully we have what we need now.

Wait! Back up. Yes, I said new underclothes (bras for me!) and bathing suit (1 for me!). Steve and I made a quick trip to the Mall of America Saturday afternoon. That big ol' box of retail and we only went to 2 stores: 1 - Disney Store, 2 - Macy's.

Macy's did me well. I found a tankini suit that comes in bra sizes!!! What!? Yes, friends, it's true. And although 32DD was not to be found, with the stretchy swimsuit fabric, I was able to fit into a satisfactory 32D. It has underwire cups and adjustable non-halter straps. I feel free as a bird...supported as a...oh I don't know. You get the point. To make that purchase even more awesome, the cost of both swim top and swim bottom amounted to less than $25! A steal!

I had every intention of making my way over to Nordstrom's where friend Kristen highly recommend bra-buying. We were severely crunched for time, so I instead journeyed a few feet from swimwear to intimate apparel at Macy's. I took advantage of the buy-2-get-1-free bra sale. I reverted back to 34DD on 2 of the bras and dug deep for the one 32DD. Each are a different brand and I fully intend to review each one for my fellow busty followers.

Announcer: "Jill, you just bought 3 new bras and a supportive bathing suit...what are you going to do next?"



Bug said...

Have fun at Disney!! I have never been there before, but I bet it will be tons of fun!

Andrea said...

Have fun at Disney.
Blessings, andrea

Anonymous said...

Hey, Girlfriend, Good for you! You know I'm interested in hearing what you think of your new purchases! Do share when you get back! Have a wonderful, wonderful trip. Much love, TW

Kate said...

Looking forward to your reviews!!

Cathy Anderson said...

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