Thursday, October 1, 2009


Accessories exist for a reason. They give depth and character to everyday outfits. They fill in the spaces.

I'm pretty conservative with my accessories. I don't do a lot of jingle-jangle. My use of accessories typically consists of earrings, necklace or scarf, belt, purse, and great shoes. But that's just me. The options are extensive. Let's review a few of the basics:

On weekends, I'm all about a hat.


Every once in a while I'll ditch the necklace/scarf for a pin or broach.


Even more rarely will I wear a ring other than my wedding ring. But when I wear them, I wear them big.


Depending on what I'm doing, I might pick out a bracelet...but I'll ditch it mid-day if it becomes a nuisance.


A watch is usually a better choice for me.


I'm equally picky about hair accessories. I really love the trendy headbands right now, but have yet to invest in more than one.


Tights can also be considered an accessory. Especially the ones with funky prints and patterns.


Ok, stop! I could go on and on about accessories and the vital part they play in a wardrobe. I don't know why, but in my neck of the woods, accessories are under-used. I guess it's just too darn easy to throw on a plain ol' shirt with a plain ol' pair of pants and call it good enough when even just one accessory would improve that outfit tenfold.

Don't look at this collection too long. You might fall asleep.

Before Accessories

It doesn't have be anything complicated. A little splash of color here. A little texture there. Ditch the loafers for some cute flats, comfy boots, or sturdy wedges. Find a scarf or necklace that suits your fancy and make that your 'signature piece'. No need to spend a ton of money or have 10 different accessories for every outfit. Just a few key pieces will make a huge difference.

After Accessories

With fashion bloggers as my primary readers, I know I'm preachin' to the choir here. What sort of accessories do you prefer? How do you jazz up a not-so-jazzy outfit?

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Bug said...

I love all accessories, I can't really pick just one. For me it all had to do with the initial outfit and then I just build from there. Love the accessories, especially the hats. I didn't fall asleep - I enjoyed your post :)