Friday, October 9, 2009

Clearance Shoes! - Update

Those darling booties (previous post) were not available by the time I was ready to purchase them (bummer). Here are my final picks from

The practical: I've been looking for some low-heel black shoes to wear with a few shorter length trousers I own. These were a whopping $4.95. Original price: $75.

The not-so-practical: I have a feeling the picture doesn't display the true color of these Exchange by Charles David shoes. They're labeled as 'violet', which to me means closer to purple than pink. I don't really care either way, so long as they're purdy. These are coming to me for $7.95, marked down from $80.

My total purchase came to less than $20, including shipping ($6.95 to ship your entire order, but only for a limited time).

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Pretty Little Pictures said...

Wow, what an amazing bargain!!