Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It Came to Pass

I think I'm pretty even keel. I don't freak out much. I went through a phase in my early teens, then again in my latter teens...well, maybe it was all of my teens...where I was highly emotional, distraught even. It was probably typical teenage stuff. Sometime around age 20 I decided to get grip. Gain perspective. See the big picture.

I remember watching a video of a christian comedian, Mark Lowry. He said his favorite portion of scripture is "And it came to pass...". It came to pass. It didn't come to stay. It came to pass! Either it will pass or you will pass. Ha. I can't tell you what good news that was for me. The things I was going through...though so minor in comparison to real-world stuff...I realized that they would pass.

The same goes for fashion. You thought I was going to get all serious there for a second, didn't you? Had ya fooled.

And it came to pass that I was 8 and it was the dead of winter and I specifically remember warning my mom about what I wanted to wear to school one day. I came out of my room wearing tight, acid-washed denim shorts (the cuffs rolled up to display a floral pattern) and white tights. I can't imagine what shoes I chose to go with that ensemble, but I'm sure it was all the rage.

I started wearing shorts with tights again around age 25. I guess some things come to pass only to come back around. Also entirely true of fashion. That post will have to be written at some other time.

Remember Marithe Francois Girboud?

And it came to pass that I was in 5th grade desperate to own a pair of those jeans. What were they, like $100 or something? Ridiculous. All to have that stupid, little label on the crotch. An older friend was kind enough to let me buy a pair from her for $20. That was a lot of cash for a 10 year old in the early 90s. They were dark, almost navy blue. And I wore them until the buttons popped.

Soon it would come to pass in 8th grade that my jeans HAD to have patches or rips or some destroyed feature. I HAD to wear an over-sized flannel shirt, and I HAD wear Doc. Marten look-alikes (because there was no affording the real thing). So basically, when I was an itty bitty size 2, all I wore were things that covered up my little bod. The grunge look stole my best body years from me. What a horrible trend.

And it came to pass in 10th grade I saw the movie Clueless and it pretty much changed my life. I was bound and determined to attain as many clothes and shoes as possible and it made me want to be very, very girly.

Then around 19-21, it came to pass, after I'd consumed every spare inch of closet space due to my clueless phase (clueless indeed), I decided I liked printed bottoms with solid tops. It didn't matter what print...plaid, floral, paisley, stripe...they were on my lower half. Mostly in capri form. Madness, I tell ya, madness.

Several seasons ago the ONLY casual dresses I could find were sack dresses. In a few special circumstances I was able to ignore that this silhouette does zip for my body type. I admit, I indulged in a few (they're uber comfy). I took the inquisitive [is she pregnant?] looks well, I think. Then thankfully, this shapeless trend came to pass.

There have been numerous other passing phases: hoodie phase, denim phase, ugly shoe phase, over-use of accessories phase, polyester phase...

Lately, I'm really into dresses of the short variety. I haven't owned a long skirt/dress in eons. I dig wide-leg trousers but prefer my jeans skinny. I love vintage now more than ever and have put somewhat of a kibosh on following trendy-trends (know what I mean?). I suppose now I'm in a wear what I want not what everyone else is wearing phase. It's my favorite phase so far.

I really hate to call it a phase should it come to pass. I'm sure I felt that way about all phases-passed as well.

Photos here, here.

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Andrea said...

Interesting how some of our favorite things we see on our kids later in life.
Blessings, andrea