Monday, October 19, 2009

Minnesota Nice

Just when we were about to storm the news station and kill the weatherman, look what he pulls out of his you-know-what. (As if the weatherman has anything do with it.)

We've had three perfectly lovely fall days in a row. So perfect that Steve, Elaina and I were able to take a lovely little stroll in the city on our lunch break today. Have I mentioned that Elaina is temporarily employed at my place of work? Yes, she is. She is interning for the duration of the project I mentioned in the previous post. WHO is lucky enough to work with both husband and bestie? That would be me.

This time of year really brings out the beauty in downtown St. Paul. We have such great, old architecture. One of my very favorite buildings is the Landmark Center. Nearly everyone visiting the area for the first time takes notice of this monstrous structure. I see it everyday, and try not to take it for granted. I like to imagine living there. My very own castle.

Stevie and Me. No Coats!

She can't NOT be silly.

Another thing that makes St. Paul fun...the Peanuts. As in Charlie, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, Woodstock...they're everywhere. Our little homage to the late, great Charles Schulz. He was a Minnesota native, dontchaknow.

Left-Right: Schroeder, Elaina, and Lucy's days like these that make me so happy that I live here. The feeling only comes around a few days a year. Mostly, I'm just cold and bitter about it. :)


Andrea said...

Awesome! I love peanuts....they are the best!

Blessings, andrea

Mary said...

Oh, I love downtown St.Paul so much! It's definitely my favorite between the two cities. Unfortunately, if it weren't so convenient for me to live in Minneapolis, I'd be living in St.Paul in a heartbeat!!

Lidiya Lastur said...

Hi, I love ur blog, and your post.
I live in MN too-and yeah-we were sooo glad to be able to spend some time outside!!! Finally!
St. Paul is awesome-except traffic.
Cute pictures :)